"Freedom" is a Movie Poster experiment

I observe patterns and tell stories. In this project I observe the colors of the desert and how they change hour by hour. I listened to desert’s music. Never too loud, and combined with the heat (and loud running air conditioners) it creates its own world. I collected images of the signs in Wendover, Utah: signs are significant for peoples interpretation of their surrounding. Between bizarre and corporate I would find Coca Cola cans in the dusty dirt, next to flashy Casino neon logos, next to a hand made advertisement for a taco food cart. On top of that the desert puts everything in its warm-yellow light, heats it up with solar power, and even green becomes beige. As opposed to all the signs—examples of the brightest colors of the whole spectrum, all advertisement seems to fight the yellow beige-ness of this world. A delirium of colors and temperature.

The experience and observation of the landscape by the Bonneville Saltflats in Utah.

This project was funded by The Center for Land Use Interpretation Artist in Residence Program and the Pacific Northwest College of Art.