Book & Performance

The 'Awakening' project started with an idea to put myself into the wilderness of the Himalayan Mountains and say everything I was thinking and record those words with a voice recorder—so I did, I hiked the Langtang Trek in Nepal, and said everything I was thinking. Non-stop, for over a week; mainly as an experiment to see what would happen if I would immerse myself that way. What would I learn, what would I find, and would nature speak to me? After collecting a massive amount of data, Awakening became a multi-media visualization of my stream of consciousness. A book was designed and printed, and published together with a dance performance.

This project was funded by The Friedrich Naumann Foundation for Freedom.

The performance:

The book:


“It is partly my way of collecting material, because I do deal with the journeys in my art. but you can also travel in your mind, there are many ways of journeying. in the end, it is about placing yourself in another environment and observing what is going to happen. and I like that. so maybe that is the principle behind, because through travels I can figure out my own, new limits and force myself to go beyond them, even if it hurts.”
—myself in an interview with Martina Antunovic,
"border madeness in mirrors",
for PLATOON Kunsthalle