"This led me to the idea of doing physical croppings with frames out in nature. The concept was that even though it was a seemingly narrow frame, each individual would see something completely different due to height, time of day and essentially all the past experiences one brings to the table."

—Laura DeVito

I built my frame in October 2013 in Smith Rock, Oregon. My frame is dedicated to world's cliffs, to risks and to the vast open space of Americas landscape—and dedicated to the german poet Hermann Hesse who wrote once: "Every beginning holds its own magic": It was quite a challenge to fix the frame on rocks but worked out in the end. I decorated the frame with leaves to symbolize life and with bones to symbolize death. After sitting in front of my frame for two days and watching nature, the frame turned from showing beauty to a distracting piece. On the third day I destroyed the frame and the view was free again.

Photographs by Kailey Fry.